Dr Helen Szoor-McElhinney 



‘The Proteus project provides a wealth of possibilities for Public Engagement with Research. It is a privilege to work with such a talented group of scientists, and to share their work with the wider public.

As the EPSRC Proteus Public Engagement Strategist, Dr Helen Szoor-McElhinney is responsible for the strategic direction of Proteus’ Public Engagement work.

She has a research background of 15 years in molecular biology and parasitology and has held research positions in universities across the UK as well as the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. As a scientific researcher Helen began working in Public Engagement with Research within Scottish schools, colleges and universities before joining the Proteus group.

The EPSRC Proteus project allows her to work with a large interdisciplinary team of scientists and clinicians to share research with the wider public around the impact of healthcare technologies on health and wellbeing. She received a Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Award to work with school teachers and students to learn more about bioengineering and the role of science within society.

Helen continues to inspire and empower a wide range of audiences to connect and engage with scientific research and the active role they can play in shaping that research in the future