Elvira Bohl



“I’m looking forward to applying my knowledge from both my academic pursuits and industrial experience to push forward the various Proteus systems into clinical application.”

Elvira Williams (maiden name Bohl) is a Research Associate working for the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CfAI) at Durham University as part of the Proteus Project. In this project she is responsible for the optical design of innovative medical instruments and the integration of multiple fluorescence imaging platforms including FLIM systems ready for clinical translation. Having worked in leading academic institutions and major international companies in the UK and Europe she has extensive experience in project planning and optical instrumentation development. She is focused on exploring ideas for new applications to push forward scientific advances into focused product
designs. Highly skilled in optical design and spectroscopy, specializing in novel opto-mechanical and miniaturized systems. Experience includes incorporating these technologies in areas ranging from fluorescence imaging techniques and laser spectroscopy to high power laser production, high harmonic generation and multiphoton systems.

After Elvira completed a Diploma in Chemistry from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, in 2016 she successfully gained her PhD in Eleanor Campbell‘s group  and graduated with a doctorate degree from the University of Edinburgh. In her research project, she worked extensively with femtosecond laser systems and ultra-high vacuum equipment. She investigated the highly excited electronic states of various fullerenes in the gas phase, in particular superatom molecular orbitals (SAMOs). She also studied the excited states of different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using theoretical (TD-DFT) and experimental (photoelectron spectroscopy) methods.