Kev Dhaliwal

Professor Kev Dhaliwal
Proteus Hub Team Leader


“We are faced with the biggest challenge of modern medicine, the rise of multidrug resistant infections that demand better diagnosis, basic understanding and treatment. We need to know what is happening in the distal lung in our patients.”

Professor Kev Dhaliwal is Professor of Molecular Imaging and Healthcare Technology at the University of Edinburgh and a  Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine.

He subspecialises in Pulmonary Infection and Tuberculosis, and  is currently performing translational research in collaboration with the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) developing and applying non-invasive methodologies for imaging inflammation. Kev is the Chief Investigator of 6  ‘first in human’ trials of  optical molecular imaging reagents and devices. He collaborates widely with industry and is passionate about translating physical sciences into healthcare.

With a BSc in Medical Microbiology and a PhD in Optical Molecular Imaging and Lung Inflammation, Kev has been working closely with Professor Mark Bradley and Professor Chris Haslett for the past 10 years to develop a lung focused molecular imaging strategy.

Kev was awarded the title of Professor at the University of Edinburgh in June 2017.