Dr Nikola Krstajić 



“It is very exciting that Proteus will be advancing science and medicine using novel tools.”

Dr Nikola Krstajić has a strong commercial background having worked in scientific and medical instrumentation companies including Oxford Instruments, Nexan Telemed and Melles Griot, followed by a PhD in Physics at the University of Surrey.

Nikola has wide-ranging interests in science and medicine, but his research focus has been in instrumentation including time-resolved detectors, optical coherence tomography, fluorescence microscopy, endoscopy and radiation dosimetry.

He has in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing scientific and medical instrumentation designs, with significant experience in successful product design.

Nikola will apply his expertise to innovate, build and integrate several modules reading out fluorescence and Raman signals from tissue.

His main aim within the Proteus project is to provide tools for groundbreaking distal lung sensing and imaging.