Dr Mark Humphries



Dr Mark Humphries is a senior member of PA’s Management Group and has worked in its Global Technology Group for over 27 years. He has a first degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Photochemistry. He worked in research at the National Research Council (Canada), and subsequently for a laser company, prior to joining PA.

Dr Humphries’ work focuses on developing products and manufacturing processes, as well as integrating new technologies into practical solutions – from early stage demonstration of feasibility, through to regulated development to manufacture and launch.

He also advises on the commercialisation of technology, and has been involved in creating two spin out companies from core IP he has developed.

Dr Humphries’ technology expertise covers materials, sensing, detection, optics and imaging, through to advanced micro and macro fabrication technologies.

He has been involved in developing a range of physiological monitors, diagnostic devices and systems, drug delivery devices, and the combination of these elements into integrated systems providing connectivity and data to healthcare professionals.