SmartProbes: What are they?


Our SmartProbes are custom molecules that allow the detection of key pathologies across a spectrum of wavelengths and fluorescence lifetimes.

The development and validation of novel fluorescent SmartProbes is a key area within Proteus. They provide a rapid way to determine the molecular basis of a range of physiological conditions deep within the patient lung (or indeed in other organs).

Many SmartProbe candidates, each with distinct chemical properties, have been designed and synthesised by the team with the aim of interacting with defined biological targets. This interaction activates the probe to induce changes in its emission properties, which can be detected and related with the presence of bacterial infection or overexpressed enzymes.

(L) SmartProbes are injected into the Panoptes device for delivery into the lungs. (R) Vials of our three SmartProbes: FIB ONE, BAC ONE and BAC TWO.