What are SmartProbes?


Our SmartProbes are custom-made molecules that allows the cause or effect of  particular illnesses to be detected by ‘glowing’ when they come into contact with certain associated bacteria or enzymes.

Developing fluorescent SmartProbes, and checking they work fully as expected, is a key part of the work that the Proteus team carry out. Our SmartProbes provide a rapid way to determine the cause (at a molecular level) of a range of physiological conditions deep within the lung of a patient –  or in other organs.

We have designed and synthesised different types of SmartProbes, each with distinct chemical properties that will allow them to interact with defined biological targets in the body. This interaction activates the probe, causing it to ‘light up’ in a way that can be detected on our imaging system and inform us if there is a bacterial infection, or an excess of enzymes which can be a marker of other problems.