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This blog, written by our team of Ingenious Circuits! Engineers, will follow the development and application of this fun new project. Check back here regularly for updates!

6th April 2017  – Ingenious Kick Off Workshop – The Royal Academy of Engineering

– Helen Szoor-McElhinney

“Melanie and I took the train over to Glasgow Science Centre to meet the other successful Ingenious awardees as part of a Kick Off Workshop organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng). It was a great opportunity to see the other engineering projects that had been selected by RAEng to be rolled out over the coming year. The projects are diverse and incredibly inspiring, from developing live, musical shows that blend engineering with theatre to exploring the world of sludgy materials and their unpredictable behaviour, plus a story telling project that brings the work of Dorothée Pullinger (1894-1986) a pioneering automobile engineer to audiences through a thought provoking new film.

We all got on so well sharing our delight of having been chosen to develop and deliver our exciting new projects. We also shared ideas around how we can rigorously evaluate our projects so that we are able to accurately measure our success once the projects are complete. I feel that the Ingenious Scotland 2017 network will provide real support and motivation for one another and Circuits! are looking forward to working closely with them over the next year and beyond…”


The team behind Circuits!
Melanie (centre right ) and I (centre left) at the Ingenious Workshop, with RAEng’s Jo and Marianne.