Circuits! in Rwanda


As part of an innovative outreach collaboration, female engineers from the University of Glasgow will be taking a prototype of our Circuits! workshop to Africa at the end of June 2017.

FemEng in Rwanda, the University of Glasgow’s (UoG) first student-led learning project in collaboration with the University of Rwanda (UR), is an initiative that unites female engineering students from the two continents with the common goal of encouraging more high school girls in Rwanda to follow STEM subjects through to further education. FemEng is an active group that brings together female engineers at UoG to deliver outreach to schools, networking events with industry professionals, social activities and international collaborations. This particular collaboration will go one step further, when 3 weeks of practical engagement commences at the end of June 2017.

The team will deliver workshops covering a multitude of disciplines, from basic computer programming to diagnostic biosensing. Thanks to our partner Melanie Jimenez (UoG), we are very excited to share that Circuits! will be one of the workshops taken to Africa!


You can follow the FemEng in Rwanda team here:

Official blog:

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We will also be following their progress in running the Circuits! workshop on these pages, so keep checking back for all of the latest news.


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