Glimmering Cores

Kerrianne Harrington & Harry Wood – October 2015

Flexible optical fibre bundles are collections of long strands of glass that guide light, even around corners. Each fibre can act like an individual spot of colour that forms a piece of a larger mosaic image. With one end of our fibre bundle inside the lungs, we can see a live mosaic image composed of over ten thousand individual pieces for a clinician to inspect.

This image is taken during an early stage of our process to make imaging fibres. The colourful centres are the guiding cores that will provide the ‘mosaic’ pieces in the final device, where their final size will be just a few micrometres in diameter.

Guided light exposes information as quickly and as intuitively as we do with our eyes, allowing clinicians to make speedy diagnoses on previously hard to reach places. ​

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