Breathing in 3D

Adam Marshall – August 2018.


These images of the lung have been taken from a reconstructed 3D model, derived from CT scans. A very small amount of blue contrast dye was delivered by our Panoptes fibre bundle, and demonstrates not only the volume of lung that can be covered by a small dose of our special imaging agents (called ‘SmartProbes’) but also the extent of the lung that Panoptes can reach.

At the moment we have to rely on investigations such as x-rays and blood tests to help guide us and let us understand the processes that may be occurring in the deep areas of the lung. Hence, more accurate ways of assessing what is going on in the deep parts of the lung, to provide better treatment and diagnosis of lung disease, are desperately needed.

Our solution is a process called ‘molecular imaging’, which offers the opportunity to immediately and directly visualise underlying problems within the lung. Given the limitations of existing approaches, this technology could revolutionise the way clinicians address certain conditions of the lung and provide a bedside solution to a very real clinical problem. To date, we have developed a programme of clinical research which includes the imaging of bacterial infections, lung scarring and cancer.


Panoptes fibre bundle


Molecular imaging

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