Previous Invited Talks

Check back here for an up-to-date list of previous invited talks, presented by members of the Proteus team.

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16 June 2017Optical molecular imaging – the real-time in situ detection of bacteria in manMark BradleySensors 2017, Smart Chemical and Biological Sensing Technologies, The Royal Society of Chemistry
London, UK
30 June 2017Optical Imaging with Molecular ProbesKev DhaliwalEdinburgh Imaging Opening Symposium,
Bioquarter Campus, UK
2 May 2017Proteus – The Fantastic Voyage to Revolutionary Lung CareNora Kellock & Anne MooreWorld IP Day 2017
Faculty of Advocate, Edinburgh, UK.
25 April 2017Two Adventures in chemical biology – from in vivo chemistry to cellular control
Mark BradleyVellore Institute of Technology
27-30 April 2017Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy: Where are we? Today and Future: ICU Infections
Adam Marshall4th European Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (ECBIP 2017)
Belgrade, Serbia
April 2017What Combinatorial Chemistry can Deliver Mark BradleyUK-India Researcher Links Workshop on Corneas Damaged by Trauma, Disease and Infection
Hyderabad, India
5 April 20173D Materials for Biomedical ApplicationsMark BradleySchool of Chemistry, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Trinity College
Dublin, ROI
5 April 2017Keynote speech:
CMOS Sensors for Photonic Molecular Fingerprinting of Disease Pathology
Robert HendersonSU2P Symposium
Heriot Watt University,
Edinburgh, UK
3 April 2017Lighting up the Lung: Developing Optical Molecular Imaging for Immediate in situ Molecular Pathology of Infection.
Kev DhaliwalInstitute of Microbial Technology, CSIR-IMTech
Chandigarh, India
22 March 2017Lighting up the Lung: Contributing Solutions to Global CrisisKev DhaliwalLaunch of the Edinburgh Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy
Edinburgh, UK,
13 March 2017
Three Adventures in Chemical Biology – From in vivo Imaging and Pd Mediated Chemistry in Cells, to Small Molecule Triggered Drug ReleaseMark BradleyInstitute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences
A*Star, Singapore
28 February 2017

In Vivo Optical Medical ImagingGareth WilliamsPhotonics in Healthcare Meeting Birmingham, UK


December 2016Multiplexed Optical Molecular Sensing and Imaging in the LungsKev DhaliwalDrug Delivery 27
Edinburgh, UK
December 2016Disease Diagnosis in the Distal Lung Using Time-Resolved CMOS Single Photon Detector ArraysRobert HendersonMediSens Conference
London, UK
November 2016Optical Imaging of Cancer – Seeing Pathology in situ in vivo in the Lung & BeyondKev DhaliwalScottish Cancer Clinical Research Conference
Edinburgh, UK
November 2016Towards in vivo Bacterial Detection in Human Alveolar Lung Tissue using Smart Probes and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM), Tushar ChoudharyScottish Microscopy Group Symposium
Edinburgh, UK
November 2016Single Photon Detection: Integrated Technology and Application DevelopmentJohn GirkinHealthcare Photonics for Industry – Joint NHSA-CPI Workshop
Manchester, UK
November 2016Multiplexed Fibre Optic Imaging and Sensing in the Distal LungMike TannerEngineering / Image Guided Therapies Network+
University of Glasgow, UK
November 2016Lighting up the Lung – Detecting Disease: Proteus, an OverviewMark BradleyEPSRC Image Guided Therapy Network+
Edinburgh, UK
October 2016Molecular AlveoscopyKev DhaliwalImperial College Respiratory Grouping
London, UK
October 2016Optical Medical Imaging – From Glass to manMark BradleySchool of Chemistry, University of Adelaide
October 2016Optical Medical Imaging – From Glass to ManMark BradleySPIE BioPhotonics
August 2016Diagnosing Pneumonia with LightKev Dhaliwal30th Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival
Edinburgh, UK
July 2016Optical Imaging of Lung Injury and Inflammation – Opening the DoorKev DhaliwalDSTL
Porton Down, Wiltshire, UK
June 2016The Rising of the SupercontinuumJim StoneConference on Lasers and Electro-optics
San Jose, USA,
May 2016Adventures in Chemical Biology – From Stem Cells to Pd Mediacted Chemistry in CellsMark BradleyRSC Prize Winners’ Award Symposium
King’s College, London, UK
May 2016Optical Molecular Sensing and Imaging of Human Disease In SituKev DhaliwalInternational Molecular Pathology Symposium
Edinburgh, UK
April 2016In vivo Optical Imaging – From Glass to ManMark BradleyKeynote Address, SU2P Symposium
Edinburgh, UK
April 2016Endoscopic Sensing of pH in the Distal LungRobert ThomsonSU2P Symposium
Edinburgh, UK
March 2016Seeing the Light to Diagnose DiseaseMark BradleyInstitute Of Physics Lecture
Royal Society of Edinburgh, UK
March 2016Two Adventures in Chemical Biology – Palladium mediated in situ synthesis and in-vivo Optical ImagingMark BradleySingapore Bioimaging Consortium
February 2016Ultrafast Laser Inscription of 3D Components for Spatial MultiplexingRobert ThomsonPhotonics West
San Francisco, USA,
January 2016Developing Molecular Alveoscopy in ManKev DhaliwalAssociation of Pharmaceutical Sciences, GSK
Stevenage, UK
January 2016Two Adventures in Chemical Biology – Palladium Mediated In Situ Synthesis and In Vivo Optical ImagingMark BradleyUniversity of Birmingham,
2016Multiplexed “Touch and Tell” Optical Molecular Sensing and ImagingMark BradleyMerck,
Chilworth Technical Centre
Southampton, UK


December 2015Lighting up the LungsKev Dhaliwal
Edinburgh Public Lecture Series
Edinburgh, UK
December 2015Fibre Spectroscopy for Sensing in the Distal Lung as part of the Proteus IRC, Mike TannerOptics in Clinical Practice III
Nottingham, UK
November 2015Seeing into the future of Infection and Inflammation in the ICUKev DhaliwalUCL Bloomsbury Institute of Intensive Care Medicine
London, UK
November 2015Two Adventures in Chemical Biology – 
Palladium Medicated in Situ Synthesis and in Vivo Optical Imaging in ManMark BradleyUniversity of Geneva, Switzerland
October 2015Multiplexed Fibre Optic Sensing in the Distal LungMike TannerInstitute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering (IB3) Seminar Series
Edinburgh, UK
October 2015Piled Higher and Deeper, SUPA Induction and Welcome Event, TICTushar ChoudharyUniversity of Strathclyde, UK
August 2015Optical Sensing in PulmonologyKev DhaliwalCleveland Clinic
Ohio, USA
May 2015Optical Imaging of Bacteria with Smart Antimicrobial PeptidesKev DhaliwalGordon Research Conference Antimicrobial Peptides
Lucca, Italy
January 2015Chemistry into ManKev DhaliwalUCL Imaging Lecture
London, UK
January 2015Two Adventures in Chemical Biology – Palladium Medicated Cellular Chemistry and in vivo ImagingMark BradleyAstbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology
Leeds University, UK
January 2015Two Adventures in Chemical Biology – Palladium Mediated Cellular Chemistry and In Vivo Optical Medical ImagingMark BradleyKeynote Lecture
10th Chemical Biology Symposium,
Frankfurt am Main, Germany


November 2014Optical Imaging of Lung Injury and Repair in the Ventilated PatientKev DhaliwalRoyal College of Anaesthetists Annual Meeting
Glasgow, UK
September 2014Industrial Collaboration – The FutureKev DhaliwalEdinburgh Critical Care Symposium
Edinburgh, UK
May 2014In vivo Imaging of InfectionKev DhaliwalEdinburgh Infectious Diseases Symposium
Royal College of Physicians
April 2014Envisioning the Optical FutureKev DhaliwalInternational Optical Fibre Meeting
Nice, France
February 2014Two Adventures in Chemical Biology – Palladium Mediated Cellular Chemistry and In Vivo ImagingMark BradleyUniversity of Barcelona,
January 2014Imaging FibrosisKev DhaliwalSouthwest and Ireland Fibrosis Meeting
Bristol, UK