Upcoming Clinical Studies

Imaging Properties of Panoptes:

We are currently designing and developing a clinical protocol to investigate the imaging properties of Panoptes and whether it is capable of both delivering small amounts of optical imaging agents and sampling the lung. It is envisaged that this clinical study will begin recruitment in the summer of 2017.

Detection of Activated Neutrophils and c-MET:
We have obtained all of the necessary clinical approvals required to administer and image two agents designed to detect activated neutrophils (NAP) and c-MET in the lungs of patients with lung cancer. Again, precise spatial co-delivery of the two reagents will be performed using the custom-engineered TLBC. The administration of both compounds will provide new opportunities to monitor tumour state and molecular activities in vivo in situ in potential human lung cancer and will provide the platform for the development of more precise patient-tailored therapy in the future.

Other Detections:
In the future, we hope the technology that we are developing will be able to visualise other types of bacteria, fungi, viruses, inflammation and cancer and measure pH and oxygen levels, as well as remove a sample of fluid in particular areas of the human lung to provide a paradigm changing technology to respiratory medicine.

The next clinical studies are being prepared by the Proteus team.