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Dr Annya Smyth Explains Proteus’ First Clinical Study

Dr Annya Smyth, Clinical Study Manager for Proteus, talks us through the first study and explains the challenges that lie ahead. What are your responsibilities within Proteus? I am responsible for managing the design, set-up and running of the clinical studies that test both the optical Smartprobes and the evolving technology. This includes designing and […]

Meet Dr Nikola Krstajić: EPSRC IRC Proteus Research Associate

Nikola discusses working from an industry background and the challenges he faces at PROTEUS. PROTEUS is a hugely interdisciplinary endeavour. What is your scientific background? Strictly speaking, my background is engineering. I’ve worked in electronics and the design of new scientific equipment. If I had a dream, in ten years time, I would be attacking […]

Meet Dr Anne Moore: Proteus Project Manager

Anne discusses the skills required to be a great project manager and the challenges of ‘herding cats’. You are the PROTEUS Project Manager which brings together several scientific disciplines. What is your own scientific background? I guess my background is almost as interdisciplinary as the project! I originally did a maths degree and then had […]