Bound for the USA once again!



UKRI has selected EPSRC Proteus IRC for the second consecutive year to join the UKRI Engagement Team at the American Association for the  Advancement of Science (AAAS) Conference 2019, in Washington DC, USA. 

Proteus will join UKRI on the main stage as EPSRC’s flagship project, representing  the very best of UK science through interactive engagement activities.

Proteus showcased their digital lung exhibit at AAAS 2018, allowing delegates to diagnose lung disease and select the correct treatment, as part of a interactive and enjoyable game experience. The exhibit received fantastic feedback from delegates and the Proteus Engagement Team are delighted to have been asked to showcase this mobile exhibit again at AAAS 2019.

In addition to the mobile exhibit, AAAS delegates will be offered the opportunity to interact with the actual medical device we have developed, Versicolour.

Versicolour has been used in a range of clinical studies over the last 12 months and has appeared on TV and in newspapers globally. The team are hoping to tell delegates about the incredible patient experiences that have arisen from the studies and the exciting scientific data that has developed.

Delegates will be able to control Versicolur and perform some optical imaging of their own, which will create really interesting conversations about how optical imaging can revolutionise health care and reveal some of the challenges researchers and clinicians face when interpreting this type of data.

‘We are delighted to have been invited to join UKRI at AAAS 2019, being selected for the second consecutive year is a real honour and we feel very proud and excited to engage at this high profile event

–  Dr Helen Szoor-McElhinney, Proteus Engagement Strategist



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