Science Exhibition to be Shown in China


Proteus will show its highly acclaimed science engagement exhibition, created by renown Scottish artist Ron O’ Donnell, at Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

Following a brilliantly successful launch at the Edinburgh GATHER Festival this year Ron’s arresting piece of art work entitled “Let The World Keep Turning” has caught the attention of Chinese academics at Tongji University, Shanghai.

Dazhi Yuan, a science communication Masters student from the Science Communication and Public Engagement Programme at the University of Edinburgh will coordinate the exhibition within the university’s chemistry department.

Dazhi will use the exhibition as a way to communicate Proteus science to university students and academics and demonstrate how public engagement can take novel and interesting forms, in this case bringing artists and scientists together to create exciting and thought provoking work.

Ron O’Donnell, a highly talented and respected contemporary art photographer, agreed to collaborate with Proteus in Spring 2015 to explore how our scientists use  different scientific “languages” within the team to better understand each other and to achieve the ambitious scientific aims of the project.

Ron is delighted that the work will exhibited internationally: “It’s great that the work will be exhibited in China, this piece communicates on many different levels. I hope that the Chinese students and academics find something that is meaningful to them in this art.”

The “Let the World Keep Turning” exhibit will be on display at Tongji University, Shanghai, China from 25th June 2015.

You can read more about how we became involved with this exhibition here.