Proteus to Take Part in Launch of International Year of Light in Scotland


Proteus will be part of the Scottish launch of The International Year of Light.

The United Nations has named 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. This event will mark the Scottish launch of the International Year by exploring how light is fundamental to the existence of life on earth, and the ways in which it plays an increasingly important role in shaping our society through medicine, communications, entertainment and culture.

Through a range of presentations, displays and exhibitions, the event will demonstrate how light is used in science and industry; how it impacts on modern society; and how it influences art and technology.

Using interactive activities, Proteus team members will demonstrate how we will “Light up the Lung to Detect Disease”

We warmly invite you to the event from 5 –8 pm, Monday 23 February 2015 at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, to celebrate this fantastic Year of Light with us!