Dame Sally Davies Recognises the Importance of Proteus’ Work



Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, has written to the Proteus team expressing her support of the project’s work and her interest in following the team’s progress closely.

Dame Sally told team members that she was delighted that antibiotics had won the Longitude Prize 2014. The Chief Medical Officer has been an ardent champion of antimicrobial resistance, and has worked hard to raise awareness of it.

The Clinical Lead for Proteus, Dr Kev Dhaliwal, agrees with Dame Sally in that antimicrobial resistance is the greatest challenge of our time.

Proteus aims to change the way disease is diagnosed, assessed and monitored by providing real-time multiplexed in situ molecular pathology and, as such, has the potential to revolutionise respiratory medicine. The technology Proteus is developing will be of immense value in the fight against multi drug resistance.

Dame Sally recognises the great potential of the projects work: “Developing a range of strategies to reduce reliance of antimicrobials will be a key challenge for the future and the work of Proteus will contribute to this progress,” she said.

“We are faced with the biggest challenge of modern medicine, the rise of multidrug resistant infections that demand better diagnosis, basic understanding and treatment.”

– Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer

Dame Sally Davies